Travel Insurance Companies That Will Have You Covered

Travel Insurance Companies That Will Have You Covered: Travel insurance is an important aspect of any trip, big or small. It provides financial protection in the event that something unexpected occurs, such as an illness or injury, an emergency evacuation, or a trip cancellation. With so many travel insurance companies out there, it can be hard to choose the right one for you. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best travel insurance companies of April 2023 that will have you covered no matter where your travels take you.

World Nomads

World Nomads is a top-rated travel insurance provider. They offer comprehensive coverage for trips of all kinds, from business trips to backpacking adventures. World Nomads provides coverage for medical expenses, trip cancellation, and interruption, lost or delayed luggage, personal liability, and more. Their plans are flexible and customizable, so you can tailor them to meet your individual needs.
For medical coverage, World Nomads offers up to $1 million in medical expenses with their Essential plan, $2 million in their Standard plan, and unlimited coverage with the Explorer plan. They also cover evacuation in case of a medical emergency, as well as repatriation of remains in the event of death while traveling.
World Nomads’ Trip Cancellation and Interruption coverage reimburses travelers if their trip is canceled or interrupted due to a covered event. Covered events may include natural disasters, flight cancellations due to mechanical problems, and terrorist activities. Additionally, they offer lost or delayed baggage coverage and personal liability protection in the event of an accident.
Travelers looking for reliable and comprehensive travel insurance should consider World Nomads. With customizable plans that provide coverage for medical expenses, trip cancellation, and interruption, lost or delayed luggage, personal liability, and more, World Nomads has you covered.


SafetyWing is a leading provider of travel insurance products and services. Established in 2016, SafetyWing has quickly become one of the most popular choices for travelers in need of coverage. With various plans and options available, SafetyWing allows you to customize your policy to fit your needs best.
SafetyWing offers a range of comprehensive coverage including medical expenses, trip cancellation and interruption, lost luggage, and emergency evacuation. You can also purchase add-on coverages such as extreme sports, hazardous activities, and pet care.
SafetyWing is known for its customer-friendly approach to travel insurance. Their online platform makes it easy to compare and purchase plans. They also offer 24/7 customer support and provide assistance with filing claims quickly and easily.
SafetyWing is one of the most affordable travel insurance providers out there. They are also backed by A-rated insurance carriers such as Lloyd’s of London and AXA, giving you extra peace of mind that your policy will be honored. With SafetyWing, you can feel confident that you have the coverage you need when you travel.

Allianz Global Assistance

Allianz Global Assistance is one of the most respected travel insurance companies in the world. Their policies provide travelers with a wide range of coverage options and benefits, including medical coverage, trip cancellation, baggage loss and delay, and 24-hour emergency assistance.
Allianz offers two primary types of plans: Travel Protection plans and Travel Basic plans. The Travel Protection Plan provides comprehensive coverage and includes benefits like medical evacuation, medical expense reimbursement, trip cancellation, and interruption, lost/stolen baggage and delay, and 24-hour emergency assistance. The Travel Basic plan is more limited but still provides essential coverage, such as trip interruption, medical expense reimbursement, and 24-hour emergency assistance.
Allianz Global Assistance also provides optional coverages for more specialized situations, such as car rental collision damage waiver, missed connection, and more. With Allianz Global Assistance, travelers can customize their coverage to best suit their individual needs.
Overall, Allianz Global Assistance is a reliable choice for travelers looking for comprehensive coverage. With robust protection and flexible coverage options, Allianz Global Assistance can help make sure you’re prepared for the unexpected while you’re on the go.

Seven Corners

Seven Corners is a leading travel insurance provider that offers a variety of plans for travelers of all types. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, Seven Corners has a plan that can provide the protection you need. Their plans include coverage for medical expenses, trip cancellation, lost or delayed baggage, and other travel-related expenses. They also offer a wide range of coverage options, including plans for those traveling with pre-existing medical conditions.
Seven Corners offers comprehensive coverage that includes medical evacuation and repatriation services, as well as 24/7 access to a team of medical experts who can help you get the care you need in an emergency. They also offer flexible payment options, so you can choose the payment plan that works best for your budget. Plus, their customer service team is available to answer any questions you might have.
Whether you’re planning a short weekend getaway or a long-term vacation, Seven Corners is one of the top travel insurance companies that can provide the coverage you need to stay safe and secure while you’re away.

Travelex Insurance Services

Travelex Insurance Services is a leading provider of travel insurance plans. With decades of experience, Travelex provides travelers with the peace of mind they need when they embark on a journey. Through their comprehensive coverage plans, Travelex offers financial protection against unexpected events while traveling abroad, including trip cancellation, medical expenses, and emergency evacuation.
Travelex’s plans come in two categories: comprehensive and basic. Their comprehensive plans cover everything from trip cancellations to medical emergencies and lost luggage. Basic plans provide protection against less serious scenarios like a trip interruption, missed connections, and rental car damage. Travelex also offers special add-ons like sports activities coverage, natural disaster coverage, and pet repatriation coverage.
Travelex’s customer service team is available 24/7 for any assistance needed during the trip. They also have a range of online tools and mobile applications that make filing claims easy and hassle-free. Furthermore, Travelex guarantees prompt payment of claims within 15 days from the date the claim is filed.
Overall, Travelex is one of the best travel insurance companies you can choose from. They offer comprehensive coverage plans at competitive rates with excellent customer service and reliable protection when you need it the most.

John Hancock

If you’re looking for a reliable travel insurance provider, John Hancock is an excellent choice. John Hancock is a large, well-known insurance company based in Boston, Massachusetts. They offer a wide range of travel insurance plans including their popular “My Journey” plan, which offers coverage for medical expenses, trip cancellation and interruption, baggage protection, emergency evacuation, and more.
John Hancock also has an extensive network of providers around the world, so you can be sure that you’ll have access to quality care in the event of an emergency. Their policies are designed to cover a variety of situations, from medical treatment to lost luggage to accidental death and dismemberment. Plus, they offer 24/7 customer service and provide free online quotes, so you can get a sense of the cost before you commit.
Overall, John Hancock is a great choice for travelers who are looking for reliable, comprehensive coverage. They have been providing quality insurance products for over 150 years, so you can trust that they have your best interests in mind when it comes to protecting you while you explore the world.

Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection

Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection is a great choice for travelers looking for high-quality coverage from one of the world’s largest and most reliable companies. This insurer offers trip protection plans, medical plans, and emergency medical evacuation coverage that can help you stay safe and secure no matter where your travels take you.
The Berkshire Hathaway travel protection plans include coverage for trip cancellation, interruption, baggage delay, and other travel inconveniences. Additionally, travelers can also choose from several additional optional coverage benefits such as cruise coverage, flight accident, emergency medical transportation, and more. With the extensive coverage and competitive rates offered by Berkshire Hathaway, travelers can rest assured that their trips will be covered.
The medical plans provided by Berkshire Hathaway are comprehensive and provide coverage for emergency medical care while traveling. Whether it’s an illness or injury, travelers can rest assured that they have access to quality medical care with this policy.
Finally, Berkshire Hathaway also offers emergency medical evacuation coverage. This coverage will provide assistance in getting you to a medical facility if necessary while abroad. This is especially important if you’re visiting remote areas or countries with limited access to medical facilities.
With these comprehensive coverage options, travelers can be confident that their trips are protected with Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection. Whether it’s for a business trip or vacation, travelers can trust that their trips will be covered by this insurer.


AXA is one of the leading travel insurance providers in the world, with a global presence in over 50 countries. With their travel insurance policy, you are guaranteed comprehensive coverage and financial protection when traveling abroad. AXA offers coverage for medical and dental emergencies, trip interruption, baggage loss, and delay, and 24/7 emergency assistance services. They also provide special coverage for dangerous activities such as skiing and scuba diving.
The company is well known for its reliability, with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. This means that you can trust them to keep your best interests in mind and provide excellent customer service.
In addition to their coverage options, AXA also offers great discounts. You can get discounts for being a returning customer or for bundling your travel insurance with other AXA products. It’s easy to customize your policy to fit your needs, and their online portal makes it easy to manage your coverage and view your claims.
AXA has won numerous awards for their commitment to customer satisfaction and they have been named one of the top travel insurance providers by various industry sources. Their travel insurance plans are also available in a variety of languages to make sure that all travelers are covered.
Overall, AXA is an excellent choice for reliable and affordable travel insurance. With their comprehensive coverage and great customer service, they have what you need to ensure you have a safe and worry-free trip.

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